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    This  site is about people like you and me, the future and the possibilities of our potential to think outside current paradigms, to take the seemingly impossible and make it possible to create a future we all desire.

    It is about the stories that will help others to be inspired to help themselves and others or  to have a  planet that is secure for all who follow in our footsteps .

    It is about daring to conceive, believe and then to achieve a future that will carry us through all the challenges that we confront.

    Join us on the journey "About People" moving "Toward Sustainable Futures"


    The Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS) is Australia’s peak professional organisation for people involved in the use and development of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), management and thinking.

    ALCAS was established in 2001, an important milestone in Australia’s development of LCA. It was incorporated to promote life cycle practices and sustainable development, and to coordinate the rapidly growing professional community in Australia.

    A not-for-profit organisation, ALCAS has individual and corporate members from industry, government, academia and service organisations. We welcome membership from people interested in the practice, use, development, education, interpretation of and advocacy for life cycle based approaches.

  • Beyond Zero Emissions

    Beyond Zero Emissions

    Beyond Zero Emissions Inc. is a not-for-profit research and education organisation known for its work designing and implementing a zero emissions economy for Australia. Its goal is to transform Australia from a 19th century fossil fuel based, emissions intensive, economy to a 21st-century renewable-energy-powered clean-tech economy.

    Zero Carbon Australia Building Plan

    Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan

  • Clear Sky Solar Investments

    Clear Sky Solar InvestmentsClear Sky Solar Investments is a company limited by guarantee. It is a not-for profit company established as a result of an initiative of the Northern Beaches Chapter of Clean Energy for Eternity (CSSI). The assistance provided by a grant from the NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage Community Renewable Energy Program is gratefully acknowledged.

    The objective of CSSI are to facilitate the rapid acceleration of renewable energy uptake in Australia by:

    Supporting communities and individuals that would like to invest in renewable energy projects to get a significant competitive return on an ethical and transparent investment

    Providing an independent analysis of project feasibility to ensure that projects create significant reliable return

    Increasing the amount of solar energy produced in Australian

    Provide administrative and web-based support for community renewable energy projects

  • Alternative Tecnology Association

    Alternative Technology AssociationThe Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation promoting sustainable technology and practice. The ATA provides services to members who are actively walking the talk in their own homes by using good building design, conserving water and using renewable energy. ATA advocates in government and industry arenas for easy access to green technologies as well as continual improvement of the technology, information and products needed to change the way we live.

  • Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

    Alternative Technology Association

    The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance aims to effectively campaign on behalf of millions of Australians who want a fairer, more sustainable and more resilient food system.

    Become a member of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and help us develop and deliver just outcomes for all. Membership helps fund and support our shared values and common future.

  • Solar Citizens

    Alternative Technology Association

    Protect the rights of millions of Australians with solar to cut bills, create clean power and take energy generation back into our own hands.

    Join Solar Citizen

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Living in times of dramatic change creates a need for new out of the box views that are able to adapt to the changes we face and also enables us to act outside of our current paradigms. About People magazine presents stories from business, communities and people who are challenging current views and who are forging a new path that moves us all toward sustainable futures.

This is a magazine of shared values that develop trust  between all those actively involved and who want to participate in those stories. We are about creating change that is positive, inspirational and solution focused.

This magazine is about putting aside our differences and focusing on what we have in common.

The magazine is also about bringing stories by leaders who can help us in our  journey and provide the skills that allow us to provide leadership for others.


If you're concerned about the future of your children. 2040 is a must see. The film provides real positive  solutions

In theatres around Australia


Join the Sustainability Surprise Party – transitioning to a life-sustaining society!

You are invited to creatively participate in a bold new initiative: the global Sustainability Surprise Party. Thousands of events are being staged around the world during May 2014, accelerating the Great Transition to a life-sustaining society.

The Sustainability Surprise Party will bring the need for large-scale transformative change to the forefront of the public agenda, and kick-start a wave of deeper conversations about whole system change for a thriving, just and ecologically sustainable society.

For info Click image above:

An article by Andrew Gaines.

Designing for a miracle - innovative communication to accelerate the Great Transition

This article is for those of us recognise that we are in a global ecological emergency, and who ardently desire to turn things around

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